Interesting facts about Lugano

Sonnenstube (sun porch), as the canton of Ticino is nicknamed in German-speaking Switzerland, thanks to more than 2,300 sunshine hours it receives every year compared to 1,700 for Zurich, for example, is Swiss southernmost canton, bordering with Italy, which attracts millions of tourists from abroad and Swiss residents as well, because of its mild climate, so different from other Swiss Alpine regions.

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Interesting facts about Lausanne

The city of Lausanne is located in the southwest of Switzerland and it is the capital of the French-speaking canton of Vaud. The proximity of France and its influence, grace, charm, ease, generally and atmosphere is beyond any words. Lausanne is one of the cultural centers of the country that stands on the northern coast of Lake Geneva. The city is famous for the majestic Gothic cathedral of St. Francis (1145 – 1275) towering over an old part of the city with its original houses and old bridges over the Flon and Louve rivers.

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Tourist attractions in Zermatt

Zermatt is a resort town in Switzerland, the German-speaking population of the canton of Valais. The town of Zermatt is located at the upper end of Mattertal at an elevation of 1 620 m, at the foot of Switzerland’s highest peaks. Zermatt offers many options of rest in winter and in summer – mountain skiing and a snowboard, rest with children, photo tours and gastronomic travel. Huge choice of hotels, chalets and apartments allows easily organizing an ideal holiday.

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The Swiss Alps

Chocolate, cheese and watches, rich history and traditions, stunning nature and beautiful architecture, where centuries old and new blends effortlessly together, financial stability and prosperity and so on and on – Switzerland is rich in so many things it’s hard to count, but its main treasure, without a doubt, is the Swiss Alps.

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Interesting things about Lucerne and top 15 places to see while you are there

Nestled at the foot of the majestic Swiss Alps and on the shores of crystal blue Lake Lucerne, entwined by an equally blue ribbon of the river Reuss, this beautifully idyllic place, full of intricately decorated houses with centuries-old ornaments, towers and spires, which are proudly rising in the blue skies similarly to neighbouring mounts Pilatus and Rigi, without a doubt justifies the claim of being the most beautiful city in Switzerland. Continue reading “Interesting things about Lucerne and top 15 places to see while you are there”