Lauterbrunnen – this is what a true idyll looks like

If you, by any chance, come across a picture of Lauterbrunnen, even without having seen any pictures of this Swiss village in the Interlaken-Oberhasli administrative district in the canton of Bern or even hearing of it prior to that, you’ll inevitably get a feeling that you have already seen it somewhere before.

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The best things to do in and around Interlaken

Since Interlaken is a tiny place, aside from scenic nature, there aren’t all that many attractions within the town borders. But there are a lot of them in neighbouring lakeside villages and towns, some slightly more remote places and bigger cities like Bern.

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Interlaken – a serene getaway in the heart of the Swiss Alps

Tiny, cozy and peaceful, with very unusual trees on the promenades, joined by little beautiful bridges, some of which are wooden and covered, and Swiss traditional wooden chalets, decorated with flowers, this scenic little town, squished among majestic and sometimes imposing Alpine mountains, divided by turquoise waters of the river Aare and spread on the shores of equally scenic Lakes Thun and Brienz, which is one of the most beautiful and exotically colored lakes in Switzerland, is rightfully a touristic mecca, attracting thousands upon thousands of visitors by nature alone.

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Zug – a Swiss cherry on top of the cake

The tiny city of Zug is a proverbial cherry on top of the chocolate cake that is Switzerland. It certainly occupies a special place in the hearts of locals and tourists, who fall in love with this city at first sight and always long to come back, even for a short while. Compact and quaint, quiet and serene, spectacular and mesmerizing and so, so beautiful, stretching on the shores of the gorgeous Lake Zug, surrounded by majestic Alpine mountains, this little city is subjected to its own separate flow of time, that seems to magically slow down here.

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An important financial and industrial center of Switzerland, a cradle of Swiss higher education, a city that is claimed to be the cultural capital of this rich and stunning country, Basel is a city where old medieval coexists with new modern; a cosmopolitan corner that bustles with students and once in a while turns into a magical entity, all brimming with sounds and vibrant colors of Carnival, safely protected by the Basilisk – a mythical beast with the head of a rooster and a snake’s tail, one of the symbols of the city that kills everything in its sight with just one glance.

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Fribourg – a Swiss medieval masterpiece of ancient architecture

Located on a spectacular peninsula, surrounded on three sides by the Saane/La Sarine River, the bilingual (French and German, with French prevailing) city of Fribourg is a medieval jewel.

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