The dream-like Solothurn – the finest Baroque city in Switzerland

Located on the Aare River in the south of the Jura Mountains approximately 30 km north of Bern, Solothurn – the capital of the eponymous canton with the population (as of December 2015) of 16,721 inhabitants – is, without any exaggerations, one of the most picturesque, colorful and atmospheric cities in all the Alps.

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Glarus – the Capital of the Canton of Glarus

Being the smallest and one of the most remote capitals, Glarus is uniquely versatile. Little known to foreigners, this is a wonderful place not only to live and work but also to enjoy all it has to offer. And, without any doubts, Glarus has much to offer starting from spectacular nature, rich in stunning, lush mountainous landscapes adorned with gorgeous lakes, to very original, but homey atmosphere, unique for its long-lasting traditions and customs, and solemnly held-on beliefs.

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Stans – a perfect location for summer and winter recreation

Little, quaint and utterly bewitching, having uncountable number of summer activities available all over the town’s territory and its neighborhood, eight winter sports, and a cross-country skiing areas that pledge sportive diversity in the region (all of which are reached in between 20 and maximum 50 minutes), Stans is a perfect location for both active and more measured pastime and recreation.

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Interest Facts You Should Know About the Canton of Schwyz

The canton of Schwyz is located in central Switzerland with Lake Zurich in the north, Lake Lucerne in the West, and The Alps in the south. The entire canton is home to only about 150,000 people. The canton’s capital is Schwyz and that’s where the canton gets its name. Covered in forests, and breathtaking mountains, and flanked by two beautiful lakes, the canton of Schwyz is a heaven on earth. There is so much to know about this canton. Here are some of the cool facts about this canton.

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Sarnen – an undiscovered Eldorado in the very center of Switzerland

Switzerland is a land rich in stunning places and beautiful cities. Sarnen in one of those quiet and serene, yet welcoming and fresh locations for tourists, abundant in various activities. The German-speaking Sarnen with a population of just over 10,000 is the capital of Obwalden Canton in the heart of central Switzerland, at the efflux of the Sarner River from the northern end of Lake Sarnen, 20 kilometers southwest of Lucerne. The city is not big, but very beautiful with lovely houses and ancient churches, scattered on the sloping hill, gracefully descending into the waters of a scenic deeply blue lake, sharing the name with the settlement that is surrounded by majestic mountains and traditionally luxurious Swiss nature.

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Canton of Uri

Uri is one of the 26 cantons of Switzerland and is located in the central region of the country. On the maps of Switzerland, the canton appears as if it is holding the whole of Switzerland together, and if history is anything to go by, this may be true in some ways. The canton covers an area of approximately 1076 sq km and is home to a small population of some 36,000 people. The city of Altdorf is the capital of the canton, which is surrounded by steep valleys. The canton of Uri is partly covered in glaciers and forests, which makes it a great location for tourists. The rather unassuming canton hides a lot of interesting facts that may not be known to many. Here is all you need to know about the canton of Uri.

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Ski Resort or an Alpine Village? Visit Bergun to Know!

In the Albula region of Switzerland lies the untouched and alpine village of Bergun. It’s at the foot of the Albula Pass, which serves as a gateway to the Engadine, a long high alpine valley in eastern Swiss Alps. Bergun, which lies at a height of 1376 meters, became famous in the 90s, thanks to the TV series “The Director” which was shot here. Prior to that, in 1952, the first Heidi film was shot in the neighboring village of Latsch.

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Bellwald – A picturesque, sunny spot in the Alps

An administrative sub-region in the Goms district of Valais, Switzerland, Bellwald lies at 1600 meters above sea level. Lying on a sunny, beautiful spot in the Valais Alps, it attracts many visitors with its enormous cultural and sports offers. The impressive surroundings and scenery offer its visitors several hiking trails in the summers and resourceful winter sports in the winters. The beautiful region has been marked as “families welcome” as the younger guests are well looked after in this beautiful city.

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