Places to see and things to do in Lausanne

Lausanne can fill the bill of even the most voracious travelers and avid culture vultures. With a myriad of places to see and things to do, the city is a perfect place to suit every taste and budget. Lovely parks, museums and galleries, sports and games, unforgettable sightseeing and tours, and picturesque landscapes will leave you spoilt for choice.

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Fascinating and unique things and facts about Lausanne

Abundant in seemingly countless sites and attractions and no less rich than Bern, Zurich, Lucerne and Geneva, while cozily curling up as a small-sized city on the vine-yard covered shores of scenic Lake Geneva in the Swiss Riviera region  at the base of the majestic snow-covered Alpine peaks, basking in the warm rays of sun, seeping in its every corner, Lausanne is, probably, the only one Swiss city that despite the size and preserving of more measured flow of life than in its more famous big cosmopolitan neighbor, Geneva, allows you to as much insight at the life, character, culture and history of the Swiss and the educational and medical services, as a myriad of ideas and opportunities for cultural, sightseeing, active and passive pastimes, while managing to never disappoint in any kind of weather and under any circumstances, casting such a strong spell that those, who have ever been lucky to be there, carry this fondness throughout their lifetime, just like the Thai King that has once ended up in Lausanne at his mother’s wish and chose to stay here for his entire youth, falling in love with this city and preferring it to the dozens of far more well-known others.

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Frauenfeld – a city whose heart beats to the rhythm of hip-hop

Located in the west of the canton of Thurgau that is a northeast canton of Switzerland and neighboring such cities as Winterthur, St. Gallen and Constance, while being only 34 km away from Zurich, Frauenfeld is the capital of the canton and an important center for economic, political and cultural relations, as well as a tax-efficient location for well-known industrial, commercial and service companies, well-known beyond the national borders.

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Aarau – the city of beautiful gables

Located on the Swiss plateau, in the Valley of the Aare, on the river’s right bank, and at the southern foot of the Jura Mountains, the German-speaking Aaraua town, a municipality, and the capital of the northern Swiss canton of Aargau as well as the capital of the district of Aarau – is a wonderful old city, that despite its size and current population, doesn’t get lost in a large string of unique Swiss cities, having colored more than a few pages of Switzerland’s rich history, while playing an important role in the county’s development and becoming home for a more than a few outstanding personalities.

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Chur – the oldest city in Switzerland

Chur is an ancient city, whose history dates back 5000 years from now. It was under the reign of Celts, Romans, Franks and Ostrogoths and served as the main strategic gateway to vital trade routes and passes through the Alps. Now it is not only the largest town, but also the capital of the Swiss canton of Grisons, which spreads along the Grisonian Rhine Valley.

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St. Gallen – the history-changing legacy of one Irish monk

The city that went down into the history as an important cultural and educational center of Europe, as the center of the embroidery industry of Switzerland, and got universal acclaim thanks to its university, St. Gallen or traditionally St Gall – the capital of the canton of St. Gallen –  is the place that evolved from the lonesome hermitage of Saint Gall, founded in the 7th century, into a large urban agglomeration (with around 160,000 inhabitants) that represents the center of eastern Switzerland and bewitches with spectacular ancient and bold modern architecture, adorned with brightly painted oriel windows, beautiful squares with fountains and lots of famous St. Gallen stairs leading up and down to pretty boutiques and cozy squares with street cafés, located in the picturesque setting between Lake Constance and the mountains of the Appenzell Alps.

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