Interest Facts You Should Know About the Canton of Schwyz

The canton of Schwyz is located in central Switzerland with Lake Zurich in the north, Lake Lucerne in the West, and The Alps in the south. The entire canton is home to only about 150,000 people. The canton’s capital is Schwyz and that’s where the canton gets its name. Covered in forests, and breathtaking mountains, and flanked by two beautiful lakes, the canton of Schwyz is a heaven on earth. There is so much to know about this canton. Here are some of the cool facts about this canton.

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Canton of Uri

Uri is one of the 26 cantons of Switzerland and is located in the central region of the country. On the maps of Switzerland, the canton appears as if it is holding the whole of Switzerland together, and if history is anything to go by, this may be true in some ways. The canton covers an area of approximately 1076 sq km and is home to a small population of some 36,000 people. The city of Altdorf is the capital of the canton, which is surrounded by steep valleys. The canton of Uri is partly covered in glaciers and forests, which makes it a great location for tourists. The rather unassuming canton hides a lot of interesting facts that may not be known to many. Here is all you need to know about the canton of Uri.

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Canton of Lucerne

Situated in North-Central Switzerland, Lucerne is one of the 26 cantons in Switzerland. The capital of the canton is Lucerne and the official language of the canton is German. The canton is divided into 5 districts, and covers an area of 1500 Lucerne is actually considered a gateway to Central Switzerland. The city of Lucerne and the canton, of course, get their name from Lake Lucerne that is located in the canton. With scenic mountains in all directions, this is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the country. But, there is a lot of trivia about the canton that is not common knowledge. If you live in or are visiting Lucerne, you will find these fun facts really interesting.

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Canton of Bern

The canton of Bern is the second largest canton of Switzerland, next only to the canton of Zurich, both in terms of area and population. Bern is the capital of the canton, which also happens to be the seat of the Government in Switzerland. The canton of Bern is laid back, and has that old world charm. Of course, it would, after all, it is a good 800 years old. This is a bit difficult to imagine for a canton that houses the capitals of one of the most important countries in Europe. People take their time to do things here and no one is in a hurry. You can feel totally relaxed watching the interesting medley of state offices, embassies, and the oak forests. Here is everything you want to know about one of the largest cantons in the beautiful country of Switzerland.

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Top Interesting Facts You Must Know About the Canton of Zürich

When you think of Switzerland, what comes to your mind? Banks, chocolates, cheese, the Alps, alpines, or the good life? Well, think of the canton of Zürich as the essence of all that is Swiss. Zürich, its capital, is the financial capital of the country, which is set against the backdrop of the beautiful alpine trees and the breathtaking Alps. It has an area of 1729km2 inhabited by almost 1.5 million people. This makes the canton one of the most populated regions in the country. So, why are so many people keen on living in the canton of Zürich? Is it because it offers a complete urban lifestyle. Sure, it offers one of the best living standards. But, is that all? There are so many layers to the intriguing canton of Zürich. Let’s attempt to peel them one by one.

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Interesting Facts About Canton of Zug

The Canton of Zug, one of the astonishingly beautiful 26 cantons of Switzerland, is located in central Switzerland. It is one of the smallest cantons in terms of area, but still is not divided into districts. Well know for low taxes, it is the home of several companies. The Zug mountain, the Lake Zug (the main and the most important calling card) and the Zyt Tower, which offers its visitors a spectacular view of the old town are some of the main attractions of the city.

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