Places to see and things to do in Lausanne

Lausanne can fill the bill of even the most voracious travelers and avid culture vultures. With a myriad of places to see and things to do, the city is a perfect place to suit every taste and budget. Lovely parks, museums and galleries, sports and games, unforgettable sightseeing and tours, and picturesque landscapes will leave you spoilt for choice.

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Fascinating and unique things and facts about Lausanne

Abundant in seemingly countless sites and attractions and no less rich than Bern, Zurich, Lucerne and Geneva, while cozily curling up as a small-sized city on the vine-yard covered shores of scenic Lake Geneva in the Swiss Riviera region  at the base of the majestic snow-covered Alpine peaks, basking in the warm rays of sun, seeping in its every corner, Lausanne is, probably, the only one Swiss city that despite the size and preserving of more measured flow of life than in its more famous big cosmopolitan neighbor, Geneva, allows you to as much insight at the life, character, culture and history of the Swiss and the educational and medical services, as a myriad of ideas and opportunities for cultural, sightseeing, active and passive pastimes, while managing to never disappoint in any kind of weather and under any circumstances, casting such a strong spell that those, who have ever been lucky to be there, carry this fondness throughout their lifetime, just like the Thai King that has once ended up in Lausanne at his mother’s wish and chose to stay here for his entire youth, falling in love with this city and preferring it to the dozens of far more well-known others.

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Planning a Trip to Lausanne? Here are some fun facts

Located in the French-speaking region of Swiss (Romandy) is the spectacular city of Lausanne. The city, located on Lake Geneva, is only a few kilometers from some of the most beautiful and highest peaks of The Alps, which makes it an ideal spot for mountaineering, water sports enthusiasts and winter sports lovers.

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