Interest Facts You Should Know About the Canton of Schwyz

The canton of Schwyz is located in central Switzerland with Lake Zurich in the north, Lake Lucerne in the West, and The Alps in the south. The entire canton is home to only about 150,000 people. The canton’s capital is Schwyz and that’s where the canton gets its name. Covered in forests, and breathtaking mountains, and flanked by two beautiful lakes, the canton of Schwyz is a heaven on earth. There is so much to know about this canton. Here are some of the cool facts about this canton.

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Schwyz – the Progenitor of Switzerland

Schwyz, the capital of the canton with the same name, one of the three oldest founders of the Swiss Confederation, is a mini world inside Switzerland: a very-very old, historically crucial and with true Swiss character and traditions. It’s no exaggeration that it may be considered as the world – with breathtaking nature adorned by the mountains of Hochstuckli, Kleiner Mythen, Grosser Mythen, Rotenflue and Furggelenstock and the river Muota that flows out of these mountains and through the municipality on its way to Lake Lucerne, it’s just so full and vast, despite its rather modest area, so diverse, “other-dimensional” and off the beaten track, while simultaneously being painstakingly traditional and predictable in a good sense; so enchanting, luring and mesmerizing, that millions of tourists that have set a foot there would take a chance to visit it again in a blink of an eye.

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