Bellwald – A picturesque, sunny spot in the Alps

An administrative sub-region in the Goms district of Valais, Switzerland, Bellwald lies at 1600 meters above sea level. Lying on a sunny, beautiful spot in the Valais Alps, it attracts many visitors with its enormous cultural and sports offers. The impressive surroundings and scenery offer its visitors several hiking trails in the summers and resourceful winter sports in the winters. The beautiful region has been marked as “families welcome” as the younger guests are well looked after in this beautiful city.

Summers of Bellwald

Bellwald offers the perfect infrastructure for families as well as kids in the summer. Ideal grill places, modern hi-tech playgrounds, Indian tents, beautiful mountain lakes and buggy-suited hiking trails are some of the things visitors can choose to get indulged in. There are several animation programs held that include tennis tournaments, supervised child adventure weeks, climbing routes and so on. In this city, children still have the opportunity to get wild – as wild as they can.

So, why not challenge your family at mini golf? Or how about a stay with your dearest on the edge of a clear crystal Mountain Lake? I am sure you would want to enjoy the breath-taking view. Play with your friends in the large soccer and tennis field. One can also rush down from the alp on a monster kickboard or improve their bike technique on the Downhill track. Whatever option you chose to go with, you are sure to experience the hospitality of the Valais very closely.

Winters full of opportunities

The sun blessed ski resort of Bellwald stretches from 1600 meters up to 2560 meters above sea level, and offers more than 31 kilometers of various slopes. Snow security is ensured till the end of the season with the snow cannons. There are two ski lifts and two chair lifts that bring the visitors comfortably to those exceptionally prepared slopes. The scenic slopes with a view to the Matterhorn, broad carving slopes, difficult steep slopes or gentle beginner hills – Bellwald has something to offer to all its guests. Ski lovers can enjoy the powdery snow and all-day long sun in the 40-hectare skiing region of Bellwald. The Twenty kilometers of runs which is full of easy to challenging descents leave snowboarders and skiers with nothing else to desire.

While the young visitors playfully acquire their first ski experience in the snowy garden, freestyle can be experienced by adults in the Snowpark. The trained staff takes good care of the youngest ones who do not stand on ski yet, in the childcare service of Snowli.

So, don’t you want to experience pure nature, harmony and peace on one of the many snow trails, or on one of the winter hiking trails or on a classic Nordic skiing slope? You can comfortably reach the Nordic paradise, which lies between Oberwald and Niederwald, in just only 30 minutes by car or by public transportation. All those who prefer to have some more action can take advantage of the sledge slope.

Hiking in the UNESCO Park

The Risihorn is a picturesque mountain in the Bernese Alps, overlooking the city of Bellwald in the canton of Valais. Risihorn is located towards the south of the Setzehorn, at the end of the chain lying east of the Glacier Fiescher.

The Goms high-level trail runs from Bellwald to Oberwald and is quite easy to complete in several stages. The mountain hikes and glacier tours around the 3000-meter peaks of the Wannerhorn, Eggishorn and Risihorn, with panoramic views, stretches as far as the Matterhorn and the North Face of the Eiger. Yes, all this is possible and well within the range if you are in Bellwald. You can also choose to enjoy a day trip to the Rhone glacier, to Gondo and Domodossola with its Italian flair. The wine-growing regions in Visperterminen or of Sierre are well worth a day out.

The Snowpark of Bellwald

The snowpark of Bellwald is all about super bowls, railers, kickers and much more.. in this city, the jump enthusiasts will get what they desire. Located at 1600 meters above the sea level, the snowpark in Bellwald lies below the Fleschen Mountain hut, which is next to the rabbit’s nest of the Snowboard and Ski school. The enthusiasts can find big kickers and rails for having some fun experiences. There are numerous unofficial kickers all around the snowpark, and musical entertainment is also provided.

Goms bridge suspension bridge

Up until the year 1697, the municipality of Bellwald belonged to the parish of Ernen. For centuries, the path that leads through the Lammaschlucht gorge was well used. Even the path over the Rhone was quite famous as a hiking route. But as the steep slopes saw frequent landslides, it was difficult to maintain these paths. This resulted in the idea of replacing it with a suspension bridge. After years of construction and planning, the bridge was opened in the year 2015. The Goms Bridge, a suspension bridge, connects the two hiking areas of Bellwald and Ernen. It conveniently connects the city of Bellwald to the national cycle route no. 1. There is a direct link to the Matterhorn Gotthard Bahn, through Ernen-Mühlebach. The suspension bridge is accessible and can be used throughout the year.

Ever heard about Dual Skiing?

The Dual ski at Bellwald enables people with disabilities to enjoy the winter paradise. It offers a choice of three types of ski – tandem ski, dual skis and Pilot dual skis. The special equipment allows people to be more active and enjoy skiing passively, which they would otherwise not be able to enjoy during their holidays. The well-trained ski instructors accompany children and adults, and also help dependants. They support people with disabilities as their active guides.

Mountain biking in the Bikepark of Bellwald

Located in the idyllic mountain village of Bellward, the bike park has received more and more visitors in recent years. The streamlined, interesting route guidance along with natural characteristics, and many small, as well as large jumps and gaps, is popular in the European downhill and Freeride scene. In the year 2006, with a lot of heart blood and dedication young locals pursued a dream. What was initially considered as crazy and at best was smiled at is now a customer segment that is no longer possible, which in the summer makes the entire station lively. Bellwald has recognized itself with its bike park, beyond its national borders. The dream of that era has now become an essential part of Bellwald.

The pioneering ambiance of the revolutionary work of the past will be consistently persued today and tomorrow. Today, several stakeholders work hand in hand to develop, optimize and maintain the existing offer, which is to meet the demands of the bikers.

Part of the World Heritage Site Aletsch, Bellwald is a jewel among the villages of the Goms and as a neighboring municipality. The promotion of this place promises a small mountain village. Actually, there are three hamlets that are far apart. These three old village centers consist of original Valais buildings even today. The hamlet of Bodma is classified as a village with an appearance of national value. The village center is characterized by traditional buildings and houses that are block built with square timber on a dry stone.

Bellward is a famous preferred holiday destination for nature lovers. You can either to relax on a sun terrace as the Valais has many more hours of sunshine than other places in the Valais. Thanks to its altitude, the Risihorn skiing area is guaranteed to have snow. The lovely city of Bellwald offers its visitors a wide range of sights and attractions, from the old agricultural museum that was built in the 16th century and the historic buildings at the centre of the village to the Aletscharena skiing and hiking paradise, which is just 15 minutes away.